My favorite quote is: "I'm not afraid of dying. I'm afraid of not living."

At some point I wondered whether working as a corporate tax professional in San Francisco was enough living. So I enrolled in computer graphics courses, took cello lessons, traveled more, and discovered that I enjoy seeing the world from high on a mountain. This website is the result of a project I started in a web design class and completed yesterday.

There are mountains. Although I had miserable moments on many, I always returned home with a smile.

And there are people. Anyone can photograph the Golden Gate Bridge, but no one will get that same Tibetan yak herder with the mischievous grin when I ran into him.

Thank you to Hiro Kuraoka for your amazing photos on Everest, where I was too paranoid to risk an aborted summit attempt and frozen fingers to take photos on summit day.

I hope you enjoy viewing. That's what this is about.

Thanks for visiting!